October 24, 2021

The long list of Airtel prepaid plans can be daunting. However, while the cheapest plan for Airtel prepaid begins with Rs.10, the most expensive Airtel recharge costs Rs.6999. In this guide, we have compiled a brief list of the top three Airtel prepaid plans for 2021 with different valid values.

Airtel prepaid recharge plans with 28 days validity

  • 149 Airtel recharge plan

This is the most basic airtel prepaid recharge plans with a validity of 28 days for the subscribers. Benefits of this tariff include unlimited voice calls to all networks, 2GB data for 28 days, and 300SMS.

  • 219 Airtel recharge plan

This pack offers 1Gb data per day with a validity of 28 days. Additional benefits include 100sms per day, unlimited voice calls, and access to Wynk music.

  • 249 Airtel recharge plan

This pack offers 42GB of data for 28 days (1.5GB per day). Other benefits are complimentary subscriptions, free voice calls, SMS.

Airtel prepaid plans with 56 days validity

  • 399 Airtel recharge plan

Customers who are seeking a longer validity can go for a 399 recharge plan. This pack offers1.5GB of data per day, 100 SMS per day, and free voice call.

  • 449 Airtel recharge plan

This pack is valid for 56 days that offers unlimited voice calls, 100sms per day, and a complimentary subscription. It offers 2GB of data per day along with 100 SMS free per day.

  • 558 Airtel recharge plan

This pack includes 3GB data with 100 SMS per day and free voice calls. Additionally, this pack is valid for 56 days and gives the users access to Wynk music.

Airtel prepaid plans with 84 days validity

  • 379 Airtel recharge plan

If you use voice calls more, this prepaid plan is for you. This pack comprises 6GB of data with zero limits for daily use. The pack is valid for 84 days and offers 100sms per day along with free unlimited calls to any network.

  • 598 Airtel recharge plan

This pack involves 1.5GB of high-speed data per day. Additionally, you get free voice calls, complimentary subscriptions, and 100 SMS per day with a validity of 84days.

  • Rs 698 Airtel recharge plan

This pack offers 2GB of data per day. Other benefits include the same with unlimited access to Wynk music, Airtel streaming apps, and unlimited free calls to any network.

Airtel new prepaid plans with 365 days validity

  • 1,498 Airtel recharge plan

This pack has a long-term recharge with a validity of 365 days. Speaking about the benefits, you can get free calls, 24GB of data, and 3600sms. Additionally, you can get a free subscription to wynk music and online courses at Shaw academy.

  • 2,498 Airtel recharge plan

This pack contains the same benefits except for the high-speed Internet data of 2GB. For the whole year, you get a total amount of 730GB of data.

To avail of these prepaid recharge plans, you need to create an account on the Airtel Payments Bank. It is one of the best payment gateways. With attractive discounts, the Airtel Payment Bank gives cash benefits on every recharge.

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