LH-CRYPTO – an innovative service from the broker Larson&Holz

Any person who is going to engage in trading on a professional level, is interested in the quality of Forex brokers. And the first thing a person looks at is ratings. As a rule, the ratings determine, and evaluate the quality of the services provided. And it’s not surprising that a person tries to choose the brokerage company, which is listed above the others. But what is characteristic, any novice trader does not look at all the ratings, but only those that are in the first place in the issue. There is a characteristic moment in this matter. Just take a few rating agencies, and look through the lists. If a brokerage company, for example, N, appears in several ratings, then it can be safely chosen as its broker. We did so, and eventually the choice fell on the brokerage company LH-CRYPTO. The first thing that catches your eye is the name of the brokerage company. Clearly foreign. But the name of the company does not determine the level of its reliability. And we need reliability. Having got on the official site of this broker, you can be surprised by the amount of information that the company provides to its customers. There is a lot of material. Yes, the first time is a bit difficult because of the many sections and subsections. But after having got used, it is possible to come to a conclusion, that navigation on a site convenient enough. Each section represents one particular service. In the subsections you can find all the material regarding this service. In extreme cases, there is a site map. And so, in general, a really versatile menu. And it pleases, as it immediately becomes clear that the company is not one-day, but expects long-term cooperation.

The next moment, which interests all without exception, is getting bonuses. It so happened that this direction is considered one of the most popular. Contacting the technical support of the brokerage company LH-CRYPTO, and explaining that there are many questions, and I would like to receive answers to them, the company’s employees tried to give an exhaustive answer. Naturally, the question of bonuses was set in the first place. Answers regarding bonuses, we were stunned. In principle, such bonuses are not counted. It turns out that there are several types of bonuses. The first type of bonus is a no-deposit trading account. Here obviously the company Larson&Holz tried. After all, the bonus is 100 dollars. And what is surprising, you can get it three times. The fact is that when registering a no-deposit trading account, the beginning trader receives $100 as a bonus as a deposit. The trader has exactly three days to try to get more profit. Three days later, Larson&Holz closes this account. The bonus is returned to the company, and the trader gets all the profit earned. And it is automatically transferred to his personal account. And here we understand Larson&Holz’s loyalty to its customers. It turns out that this is not all. After three days, you can repeat the procedure. A new deposit-free account is opened, and the trader starts to get 100 dollars again. The profit again remains with him, and the bonus goes to the company. Again, surprise. And the surprise grows when a new no-deposit trading account opens. This is the third count. And the last, because after the third time the employees of the company Larson&Holz disable this function for the account. What I would like to draw attention to. If you competently approach this service, you can make a bonus starting capital for further trading. After all, three times, you can make a good profit. The next direction is the accrual of a certain percentage on the deposit. Like the banking system. The only difference is that the bank charges a smaller percentage, and in national currency. The company Larson&Holz charges up to 10%, and in dollars. But here is a limitation. The deposit must be at least 5,000 dollars. Only then can the client count on an additional percentage. The bonus is also available through the affiliate program. Simply by inviting customers who will trade at the broker Larson&Holz. In addition, the company makes a refund of 10% of the cost of a full course of study. Let’s say a beginner trader decided to learn. He is enrolled in training courses. Courses for the training of professional traders and managers are, for example, $ 100. A simple mathematical calculation shows that a 10% return for a full course is $ 10. That is, the trader receives 10 dollars on his trading account. The next bonus is also up-to-date. After all, it is given for replenishment or withdrawal of funds from the deposit to the payment system. Everyone knows that when replenishing a trading account, and when withdrawing, too, the broker removes a certain commission. The commission depends on the type of transaction, and the transaction associated with the bank constitutes a significant commission. In some cases, the execution of one transaction can cost the client 10%. To compensate customers for the inconvenience, Larson&Holz decided to return some of the losses. In addition, a refund is made even from the commission for trading on certain trading instruments. This is also 10%. Well, the last kind of bonus is intended for customers who have moved from another dealing center. But there is one characteristic moment here. You need to connect to Forex Family. This program has many positive points.

The next urgent issue for traders is the security of their personal cabinet, and their own money. When asked about security, LH-CRYPTO employees answered that the necessary measures had been taken. And this is a verification procedure. For some reason, this procedure is frightening. Hardly having heard about the provision of scanned documents, customers are usually frightened. It seems like giving a passport is unknown to anyone. In principle, the client does not give a passport, but a copy of it. And then, this procedure is now for every broker. Again, with the change of brokerage rules, it gradually becomes clear that the lack of a verification procedure indicates a low reliability of the brokerage company. And again we note the fact that the verification procedure of a personal cabinet is established not by a broker, but by a regulatory body. Therefore, writing it off to the whim of a brokerage company is not entirely correct. The broker obeys the controller. And for the lack of this procedure, you can lose your license. And who needs it. The account that did not pass the verification procedure is limited in actions. To remove restrictions, you will have to undergo verification. A security system has also been introduced with respect to money transactions and transfers. It is clear that some transfers and transactions are made automatically. But do not think that they are not being tracked. All transactions are monitored by the security department in manual mode. And any suspicious translation will be checked. And if the security system is violated, the transfer will be frozen for the duration of the audit.

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