How To Get Reminders For Your Vi Postpaid Bill Payment?

If you ever plan to get a Vi postpaid connection, you better understand the importance of paying your bills on time beforehand. Because once you’re in it, you wouldn’t want to miss the due date. And if you do miss it, that results in a late payment charge. And we all know that nobody likes paying fines.

Our friends who already have a Vi postpaid SIM very well know what we’re talking about. Paying those late charges ain’t no fun. So, make it a point that your Vodafone bill payment aka your Vi bill payment is done on time. To do so, it might be crucial to get timely reminders. And today, that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Set A Reminder On Your Phone

The easiest way to remind yourself of your due date is by keeping reminders on your phone. So, when it’s the end of the billing cycle and the time for you to make your Vi postpaid bill payment has come, you’ll get reminders on your phone to ensure that you pay your dues on time.

For this, first, you ended to understand your billing date. Usually, you get your postpaid bills on the exact same date every month. So, keep a reminder on that date, and then keep another reminder after a few days, just in case you forgot or couldn’t do it the first time, then keep a final reminder a day before the due date. That’s it, you’re sorted for every billing cycle.

Get Reminders Via Payment Apps

Now, if you don’t trust yourself with mobile reminders or need a more regular, firm reminder regarding your postpaid bill payment, then try paying your bills via payment apps. They usually send multiple reminders between the bill generation date and the due date.

For example, our favourite platform for Vodafone bill payment aka Vi bill payment is Airtel Payments Bank. And this is not just because of the lucrative offers you can find on the platform, but also because of the ease and safety of transactions, combined with regular reminders for bill payments and recharges.

All you have to do is pay your Vi bill once via Airtel Payments Bank, and then onwards, every month, you will get multiple reminder notifications right from the moment your bill is generated. You can also use Airtel Payments Bank to do your Vi recharge online.

Setup Auto Pay On Your Payment App

Now if you’re someone who despite multiple reminders ends up missing your last date due to one reason or another, Auto Pay might be the only solution for you. Auto Pay is exactly as it sounds, it automatically pays your postpaid bills every month, ensuring that you never miss a due date.

All you have to do is activate Auto Pay from your Vi app or website. For this, first, provide your Vi mobile number and credit card that you wish to charge for every bill payment. Now, set up a standing instruction. That’s it, from the next billing cycle onwards, your registered card will be automatically charged for your Vi postpaid bill amount.

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