6 Must-Have Features in Your Car Insurance Policy

“Car insurance is a must-have when you buy a car”. This fact needs no introduction, but most people miss on choosing the right insurance cover. While there are a bevy of insurance policies that you can select, it is crucial to pick the right set of features in your car insurance cover.  These features may be critical on how much you shall be compensated at time of claim. This article enlists six such features to not miss in your car insurance policy.

Let’s have a look:

#1 Cashless claim settlement: This feature in your car insurance policy allows you to get your claims settled without having to make any payment upfront. Here, the insurance company settles the claim on your behalf with the service garage. You only need to pay for the compulsory deductible portion of your policy. However, to avail a cashless claim settlement facility, you need to repair your car at a network garage.  A network garage is the one that is affiliated with your insurance company. Having a cashless facility benefits since you no longer need to settle the repair costs from you own pocket, followed by submitting all the invoices to your insurance company after which the claim is settled, subject to its approval. It saves your effort as well as values your precious time.

#2 24×7 Roadside assistance: Any snag during your journey due to car breakdown can leave you stranded for hours. To avoid this dreadful situation, staying prepared is necessary. But along with it, having a roadside assistance coverage helps. It offers towing services along with other forms of assistance to help you complete your journey without a hassle.

#3 Zero Depreciation cover: When you raise a claim for repairs, the insurance company accounts for the depreciation and pays the balance amount. Considering depreciation thereby reduces the claim pay-out. To avoid this reduced claim settlement, you can look for a policy offering zero depreciation cover. While some insurance companies have it bundled in their standard car insurance, others offer this as an add-on facility during purchase or car insurance renewal. 

#4 Lock key replacement cover: Losing your keys is a rare occurrence but can have dire consequences like being locked out of your car. Moreover, newer cars have electronic keys that make it further difficult to get into. A key replacement cover is helpful for you to get the replacement of your lost keys and saving you from financial hassles. 

#5 Engine protection cover: The engine is the heart of your car and any damage or breakdown is going to break your bank for its repairs. Supplementing your car insurance policy with an engine protection add-on will help you take care of these unexpected repair costs. Moreover, standard insurance plans do not cover the damages to the engine, and it is best to get it insured using this add-on.

#6 Personal accident cover: Accidents are unpredictable. Depending on the severity of the injury, it can lead to loss of income as well as depletion of your savings. Having a personal accident cover as a part of your car insurance policy helps to tackle events like disability and death with some financial support. This facility is available even when you purchase a third party car insurance online with the compulsory personal accident cover that is required by law.

These are six car insurance features to include in your insurance cover. So, if you are due for car insurance renewal or a first-time buyer, take a note and make a smart purchase.

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