September 30, 2022

Best financial affiliate programs to earn money with zero investment

Sep 29, 2022

The traditional approach of a business was to manufacture products per the customer’s needs. However, the modern process is to identify the target audience and potential clients, a more effective strategy to boost sales. Today, a business faces competition since all kinds of content are available online. Hundreds of sites are accessible to customers who can go through various products and services and read their reviews.

Referrals can help businesses boost their sales. A referred customer is more likely to complete the product’s purchase and may have a higher conversion rate than a customer who has visited a website through an advertisement.

This is the reason why so many businesses choose to spend heavily on affiliate marketing campaigns. For those unaware of this type of marketing, it involves the business, customer, and affiliate. The affiliate is responsible for promoting the business’s product while making a commission on each sale the business makes through its referral.

Many financial affiliate programs offer reasonable commission rates, but not all are worth your time. Here are some of the best financial affiliate programs in India.

  1. IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner Program.

The IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner Program is considered one of the best options for earning money online without investment. With this referral program, you can earn over Rs 50,000 every month. You receive a flat 1.5% payout on each loan disbursal through your referral.

  1. Axis Securities Affiliate Program

The Axis Securities Affiliate Program follows the Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) model, wherein it pays a pre-defined price for every single lead generated. You can earn Rs 750-900 for every successful lead. Do note that you need a Demat account to access the app.

  1. IndusInd Saving Account Affiliate Program

IndusInd Bank offers an affiliate program where users can earn about Rs 225-270 with every lead generated. All that you need to do is use your network to open savings accounts in IndusInd bank. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions of this affiliate program to understand how you can earn through online lead generation clearly.

  1. Bajaj Insta EMI Affiliate Program

The Bajaj Insta EMI Affiliate Program is also based on the CPL model. Users can earn about Rs 112.5-135 on a commission basis with every generated lead. Users must fill in their mobile numbers, DOBs, PAN numbers, PIN codes, and addresses. Once this is done, users should update their KYC details.

The referral marketing business is booming because it helps individuals earn a sizable side income. The best part about this is that you can earn money with zero investment, as these financial affiliate programs require no upfront costs to be paid.

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5 Tips to Get a Low Personal Loan Interest Rate

Sep 21, 2022

Over the years, personal loans have gained popularitywith more and more people relying on them.Especially, with the economic inflation caused after the covid-19 pandemic, jobsand businesses experienced a downfall. That’s when people preferred taking personal loans with a low-interest rate.

However, with digital platforms, an online personal loan is easily accessible for all age groups who are between 21-58 years of age and earning a minimum salary of Rs.15000 per month. Young professionalsand self-employed individuals can avail of an instant loan through the official lender’s website or the loan apps available on the Google Play Store, in-built into your android phone.

Besides, online personal loans procure flexible loan procedures with seamless features and benefits. Mostly, while taking a personal loan, people seek low-interest rates to ease off the repayment. This is because a low-interest rate will help applicants to tide over hard times and save money for other essential things.

But getting a low-interestrate onan unsecured loan is a tedious task as it allows no collateral and the lender may find this a risky affair. So, the interest rates on instant personal loans are slightly higher compared to secured loans. So, if you are wondering how to get low personal loan interest, there are chances that the lender may approve of a low-interest rate if you consider a few important elements before applying for the personal loan.

Here are the essential 5 tips you should stick to get a low personal loan interest rate

  1. Improve your credit score – Taking a personal loan with a good credit score will benefit you. A good credit score means you are a creditworthy individual, and the lender may offer you a personal loan with a low-interest rate. On the other hand, if you have a poor credit score due to delayed repayments on your existing debt, you can constantly improve your credit score throughtimely repayments.
  1. Compare with multiple lenders- Several financial institutions and NBFCs offer personal loans at an interest rate that may be affordable. Hence, before deciding or applying for a personal loan, don’t stick to just one lender.

It would be wise if you compared the interest rates with multiple lenders because each lender provides a different rate of interest. In addition, the Interest rate varies from lender to lender. Finally, choose the lowest interest rate that suits your budget and doesn’t make your EMIs heavy to repay every month.

  1. Choose a reputed lender-Verify and select a trusted lender in the market before locking in a personal loan. In terms of customer satisfaction and other services the lender provides, choose a lender with an excellent reputation in the market.
  1. Analyze other discounts and offers – It becomes vital to compare additional charges and discounts associated with a personal loan, including processing fees, penalties, foreclosure charges, etc. For example, the lender may offer you discounts or lower your interest rate if you are an existing customer.
  1. Evaluate your monthly instalments – Lower your interest rate by calculating EMIs using the loan EMI calculator. The Loan EMI calculator will help you to know a fixed interest rate levied by the lender.

As per your convenience, you can keep the EMI for a shorter or longer tenure. If the repayment tenure is short, the interest rate will get lower, and if the tenure is longer, the EMI will be less, but the interest rate charged on the principal amount will be higher. So before applying for a personal loan for a low-interest rate, evaluate and calculate carefully to avoid financial stress or disturbance in the budget.

A personal loan isa versatile product and can be used for many purposes. It is not restricted to any particular user. So, go ahead with these tips to get a low personal loan interest rate.

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Can freelancers get a personal loan

Sep 9, 2022


A downside of being a freelancer or 1099 worker is that you are fully responsible for business expenses. Paying all the business expenses while managing your costs is difficult. If you are a freelancer or 1099 worker struggling to make ends meet, look into financing and loan options for independent contractors. Freelancers may raise some eyebrows while looking for loans, but getting a loan as a freelancer or 1099 worker is not impossible.

However, you should know the lenders’ requirements before applying for any loan. This helps you qualify and get your loan approved quickly.

Requirements you need to qualify for as a freelancer

Freelancers will face more scrutiny than full-time employees, as freelancers don’t have a fixed monthly income. However, the requirements are like what a full-time worker must face. Here’s a list of required documents or proof you will need to submit:

  • Income proof

Freelancers don’t have a fixed monthly income or pay stubs to submit as proof of payment. Instead, they will need to submit tax statements and business account history to prove they have sufficient funds to repay the loan.

  • Income sources and consistencies

Freelancers don’t always have a steady base of clients. This makes the lenders consider whether you can make the payments on time. They want to see an upward or a continuous curve when they see your client base.

Loan options available for freelancers

There are various loan options for freelancers with decent terms and conditions. Here are some of the best loan options, along with what they may require from you:

  1. Personal loans

For different reasons, personal loans for 1099 employees are a popular choice among freelancers. A personal loan is an unsecured installment loan, meaning the lender won’t ask for collateral. Instead, lenders approve personal loan requests based on the borrowers’ credit score, credit history, and income. Personal loans usually have reasonable interest rates and repayment terms, so they are a safe option for freelancers.

  1. Cash advances

A freelance cash advance allows you to get the money you need if you are a freelancer, self-employed, 1099 worker, or own a small business. You can use it for whatever you need. You pay back the amount you borrow over time.

  1. Small Business Loans

There are a few schemes and programs for small business owners, self-proprietorships, and freelancers to find suitable financing options. You can qualify for a Small Business Administration loan, Paycheck Protection Loan, and even some business credit cards. These options are great if you want the money for business-related expenses only. Avoid them if you want the money for personal expenses.

  1. Payday loans

Payday loans are the trickiest on this list of loan options for freelancers. A payday loan is a short-term loan with a small loan amount cap which you will need to repay before your next payday. Unfortunately, they tend to charge high-interest rates.


Being a freelancer has its perks; from getting more creative freedom over your work to having more control over your working hours, freelancing has many benefits. However, on the flip side, freelancers may encounter some slow months every once in a while. We hope this helps you find suitable loan options if you are struggling financially.

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What is a Convertible Term Life Insurance Policy? – All You Need to Know

Sep 2, 2022

Individuals can obtain life insurance through term policies for a predetermined time frame. Regular term plans provide life insurance and have minimal to no maturity payouts if the policyholder lives longer than the plan’s term.

The term life insurance policy has changed over time to become even more desirable to clients. Nowadays, a lot of people choose convertible term insurance over standard insurance. Let’s examine the operation of these term plans.

Convertible Term Life Insurance Plan: What Is It?

A convertible term plan is just a conventional term plan with the conversion option included. Let’s first define a word plan so we can grasp it better.

A term insurance plan is one in which the insured is secured for a predetermined amount of time at a predetermined sum assured, with payment made only in the event of the insured’s demise. A convertible term plan enables the policyholder to change the plan in the future into any other plan.

Convertible policies, for instance, allow you to go from a term plan to an endowment or whole life insurance plan after five years from when you first bought the policy. Nevertheless, the specifics of how to do so differ from one policy to another and one provider to another.

Convertible Term Life Insurance Plan: How Does It Work?

A convertible option may be provided by the insurer when you buy a term life insurance policy. If you ever require life insurance, this might give you the benefits of permanent coverage. The conversion is not automated, though; you don’t need to convert.

Typically, there is a deadline by which you must convert. Make sure you are aware of the conversion deadline for your insurance. Failure to do so will result in the termination of your term life insurance coverage.

Although there are several varieties of term life insurance, your choices may be restricted if you switch from a term policy. The insurance company could, for instance, only let you transfer to a whole life permanent policy, not a flexible or ubiquitous life permanent policy.

Convertible life insurance might not be advantageous to everyone. Still, some people find it to be a desirable alternative. This may be an excellent choice if:

  • If your kid will require ongoing care well into adulthood,
  • You will always be your spouse’s primary source of support financially.
  • Due to your ill health, you are disqualified for new insurance.

Visit here to calculate term insurance premium.

Benefits of Convertible Term Life Insurance Policy

●      Choice of Add-Ons

Various extras or add-ons for the convertible term plan can improve your coverage. Your standard term plan will frequently include the convertible function as an add-on. You can choose insurance that also covers critical sickness or accidental incapacity. You can receive maturity advantages from various income riders.

●      Flexibility and Affordability

Term plans are frequently chosen over endowment plans because they are more affordable. For roughly Rs.500 per month in premiums, you may receive high life insurance worth over Rs 1 crore. Your premium amount can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You may fit your other financial commitments around the flexibility.

Final Words

Permanent insurance is best if you have a lifetime dependence, such as a child with special needs. Convertible term insurance, however, can be your second-best option if you cannot afford one or the required level of coverage with a permanent policy. So, decide accordingly.

Click here to know more about Kotak Life Term Insurance Plan:

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