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Things to do for May bank holiday

May 3, 2018

This year, there are two May bank holidays. One falls on May 7th, 2018, the other on May 28th, 2018. In England, bank holidays are usually our excuse to get up later, have a day off work, and generally spend the day walking around in small festivals celebrating May Day, days out don’t need you to take out a loan and spend loads. May Day, May 7th, to be exact, is a day that celebrates the arrival of summer. Traditionally, it’s closely associated with Morris dancing, bright colours, flower garlands, and the Green Man.

If you don’t want to join in the festivities, think of the May bank holiday as a long weekend that you can spend with your family or friends. Go on a road trip, go camping, have the first BBQ of the summer. Your kids will appreciate an excuse to have ice cream and not wear a coat for the first time in months, and parents can enjoy what is said to be a coming heatwave in the garden with a cool, refreshing drink. 

If you’re more of a night owl, consider a movie night with some friends. You’re never too old for blank fort building, and there’s a whole stack of amazing movies that have been released this year for you to get on demand or buy off the shelf at your local supermarket. Of course, if you’re more of a “going out” person, then hit up the clubs for a 3-day extravaganza.

If you want to get out of your hometown for a little while, a Spring Festival might be exactly what you’re looking for. The Bavarian Beer house in London is hosting a mini Oktoberfest, so you don’t need to wait a few more months to get your fill of German food and beer in traditional steins.

When it comes to events, the big cities of England are where you’ll want to be this May bank holiday. Think London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham. Catch that Cross-country train to your favourite location and check out the flurry of events that will be hitting each city over those 3 days. London, in particular, has amazing May bank holiday events. Rooftop bars are making another comeback as a summer favourite, starting in May; look up Supa Dupa Fly’s Rooftop Sessions in Brixton, London.

For lovers of all things crafty, remember to check in at some of the best open markets coming to major cities across the UK for the bank holiday. Vendors love selling during bank holidays in summer because it’s the perfect time to pick up little gifts for friends and family that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Other than that, maybe it’s time to try something new. Get the gang together, ask another couple on a double date, and head out to a fun city. There are loads of restaurants that don’t mind walk-ins, so try eating somewhere you never have before. Try that café that you always walk past while shopping but never go in, or even head to a local Chinatown for a taste of culture.

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How To Easily Get Loans Online When You Are Dealing With A Bad Credit

May 2, 2018

Getting loans online if you are dealing with a bad credit, is a great way to deal with situations when you are in dire need of money. You might sometimes be worried if you have a bad credit, that you may not get a loan. But that is not the case these days, you can easily get a loan online and that too without getting your credit card history being checked.

There are many online portals and companies that provide you with the best loan and charge you with the least rate of interest. Fast loans service by Pret911, is one of the best option available to you. It provides you loans online in a secure manner and you get a loan, even if you have a bad credit score.

Long term loan Vs the short term

The short-term loans are generally the ones that you are required to pay back within 30 days. You may be charged with a small fee for the processing of your loan. Sometimes, you may be allowed to extend your loan. In this case, you can borrow the same amount of money for an additional same timeframe.

Advantage of a payday loan

The only requirement that you need to fulfil for getting a payday loan is that you must have a stable source of income. Most companies that provide payday loans do not check your credit score and they do not have a guide for rules. This let you pass through many formalities, which you were to fulfil if you had been applying through a bank.

The speed of loan sanctioning

Most payday companies provide you with loan, the same day you apply. You only need to prove to them that you have a safe job and you can repay the money within the timeframe. In some cases, you can even get the money faster than 24-hour in your hands.


Payday loans are the best way to get some urgent money in your hands if you are dealing with a bad credit. These companies offer you with easy loans and in a very secure manner. All you need to do is give them a proof of your capability to pay back the loans within the limited timeframe and you can easily get the loan. Always make sure to compare the rate of interests being charged by various companies for the loan, and choose the best one for yourself from the market.

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Advance Cash Loans – Get To Know The Paperless And Pre-Requisites Of Loan Application

May 1, 2018

Internet has made it easy for people to get cash advance loan instantly. The most alluring feature of cash advance loan is that they are certainly easy to gain approval and funds can be got on the same day. In addition, these are overly costly short term loans.

Cash advance customers get a chance to complete all the process like applying, document, paperwork submission, agreement signing, and even get funds deposit in their bank account conveniently from the internet. When you need instant cash during odd hours when bank is not open you can take help from online lenders.

Paperless application

If you reside in Canada then visit Captain Cash website to gain rapid access to short term loan. They offer paperless application, which includes an e-sign and view-only entrée to your bank account for instant verification. You get approved without offering several documents.

You may be worried about providing such sensitive information for verification but Captain Cash claims that their system was specially intended to improve customer’s privacy and security.

Your banks user ID and password get transferred securely to your bank. It allows to submit an online read-only copy of 90 day bank statement, which is viewed by their team, so as to make a quick decision for loan approval without paperwork. With this facility, you can claim your $500 now with Captain Cash.

Pre-requisites for advance cash loans

Majority of payday lenders use the following criteria for cahs loan application approval.

  • Steady job
  • Canadian citizen
  • 18 years of age [minimum]
  • Canadian bank account holder
  • Monthly earnings over $1200
  • No undischarged bankruptcy
  • Low shot-term loan ratio [other active loans]

If the above pre-requisites are fulfilled, then applicant is qualified for loan approval. The funds get wired in your bank account on the same day in a few hours.

Precautions to follow

Payday loans or same day cash loans need to be treated as short-term loans with high rate of interest. Therefore pay it before due date or the moment you get your next month paycheck. These kinds of loans need to be taken only if there are no other options.

Never over-borrow and even ensure that there is sufficient funds in your monthly pay package to reimburse the total loan on-time. Or else, the lender will charge you late payment fees, therefore read the T&Cs prior signing loan contract.

Compare payday lenders

Shop around to find the best cash advance loan deals. Compare the offers of different payday lenders. Online has made shopping around and comparing an easy task. Eveyr lender differs. It depends on the loan amount you need, where you reside, and even your credit score. Find a lender that suits your financial needs.

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